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Bespoke Glamping Pod Frames

We work with some of the top names in the glamping pod industry providing a range of solutions for their timber building frameworks.

And we have an industry secret to share with you…

​They don't use CNC-cut, peg-together glamping pod kits. They’re just not strong enough for commercial production, and they’re too expensive.

Our unique system is a perfect fusion of CNC technology and traditional joinery which works in synergy with your current designs and processes.



Our precision cut glamping pod arches can be made to any shape or size. We can supply them with or without the floor section depending on whether you are using your own base or need the base incorporating into the frame.

Our arches are "made of bits" which easily slot together to for a very solid 36mm thick structural standard arch. All you need to do is cut some 3x2" timber to screw between the arches and you have yourself a commercial quality building frame.

We can also take care of your end walls, built to your specification to house any size door or window. Just like the arches, the wall sections are of course "made of bits" which simply slot & screw together.

Fascias? We have those covered too. In a range of materials from birch ply to aluminium composite in a range of colours. Again these can be custom made to any size with the standard 200mm width which sits perfectly on the frame taking into account your internal and external cladding.

We can even make you some internal fittings such as kitchen units or wardrobes that perfectly follow the arch of your wall maximising space and looking perfect.

Every design we do comes with technical drawings and 3D rendering so you can visualise and adjust your project before we make anything.

Whether you are a private customer looking to build a simple garden office, or an outdoor building manufacturer producing multiple units a week - we are here to save you time, money & stress on all your builds.

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Semi Circle Arch
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