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6 Things You Can't Ignore If You Want Your Glamping Pods to Sell

The glamping pod market is becoming increasingly saturated. The current level of demand has seen a host of new pod manufacturers appearing on the scene, making it more difficult for individual manufacturers to stand out.

That’s why you need to think carefully about what you can do to: (1) make sure you’re not forgetting anything important that your competitors will be offering (prerequisites); and (2) make sure you’re doing something different from your competitors that will ensure glamping site owners choose you to supply their pods (unique selling points, or USPs).

To thrive in this increasingly competitive market, it’s not enough to chuck a few pieces of wood together and hope for the best. Read on to find out what you can add to come out on top… Full furnishings

A pod interior at the NC500 Pods site in Achmelvich, manufactured by Lune Valley Pods

This is more of a prerequisite than a USP these days. Most serious glamping pod manufacturers offer pods that come equipped with beds, showers, sofas and kitchen units. Failing to provide these essentials would be akin to offering glamping site owners a wooden shed, and you’d be at serious risk of being pushed out of the market. Underfloor heating

Though mere insulation may be sufficient to sell your glamping pods, providing underfloor heating will put you ahead of the game. Firstly, it conveys a sense of luxury to prospective customers, showing them that you’re not afraid of investing in making their guests happy. More importantly, it lends itself well to winter glamping, which the best site owners will be pushing hard for in order to combat lower occupancy rates during the colder months. By selling your heated pod as something that will bring in guests all year round, you can make customers out of the most successful site owners. Smart lighting

Calum MacLeod of Glampitect showing off the smart lighting on the NC500 Pods site in Achmelvich.

Smart lighting is lighting that can be controlled by your voice, usually only requiring an Amazon Alexa (or equivalent) and some lighting that can be hooked up to such a device. It’s something that’s cheap and easy to implement but has potentially huge rewards for glamping pod manufacturers. Not many site owners realise how popular this little addition can be, particularly for families with young children, who will be amazed by the technology.

If you can get across how valuable smart lighting can be to site owners, and you set them up in your pods, you can add a significant markup onto the price. Your customers can then make their investment back by charging a higher nightly rate, which the lighting allows them to do. It’s a win-win situation. A unique design

The fact that the glamping pod market is so young means that it’s ripe for innovation. We’re starting to see manufacturers branch out from the standard model into more unique designs, such as Lune Valley Pods’ “Apartment Pod” above. As the whole industry matures, glamping site owners will want to make their sites stand out from the crowd, so there will be increasing levels of demand for pods that are a little different. Have you had an idea in your head for a wacky new glamping pod that you’ve been meaning to get to work on? Speak to us, and we’ll help turn your idea into reality. Accessibility

An accessible glamping pod at the Hoe Grange Holidays site in Derbyshire

Glamping is inaccessible for many people. The elderly, the disabled, people with limited mobility and parents with pushchairs are just a few of the groups whose needs are often neglected by site owners and manufacturers. In many cases, you only need to make a few adjustments to make your pods more accessible, such as a ramp and wider doorways. Before Christmas, we wrote a blog post on making glamping pods more accessible, and we highly recommend you read it if you’re interested in improving the accessibility of your pods.

Many site owners have no idea of the extent to which they exclude people with additional needs. If you can educate them on this and demonstrate that your pods will help them do good, you’ll stand out from the crowd. Marketing

Our final section focuses on something that pod manufacturers often neglect, despite the fact that it can put you in a different league to your competitors. A social media presence is an absolute must in 2021, and you should be posting regular content to build a solid brand. If you have a budget, paid advertising also represents an excellent option to put yourself above your competitors in the search rankings.

You might not like it, but clever marketing is essential for running a successful glamping business. See our blog post on 6 resources to help you market your glamping pods for more on this. Do you manufacture glamping pods, shepherd huts or any other form of glamping accommodation? Do you want to speed up your production process and lower your costs with CNC-cut timber frames? Click here to see how we can make your life easier.

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