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The 5 Best Resources For News and Insights Into the Glamping Industry

Glamping is an industry going from strength to strength, but it can be tricky to find the resources you’ll need to keep pace with it. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 5 great businesses and websites to provide you with all the news and insights you need.

Note: We have no financial incentive to promote any of the resources mentioned below. Any businesses and websites in this article are included because we genuinely believe they can be helpful to you. We’ve provided links to all of the resources - just click on anything that’s underlined and it will take you there.

#1: International Glamping Business IGB is the best all rounder in this list because it’s equally useful for those who build glamping structures such as pods, huts and yurts, those who supply glamping kit such as stoves and kitchens, and those considering running their own site. It offers news, advice, industry reports and a free digital magazine, giving you plenty of options to get stuck into.

The digital magazine is particularly useful, as it gives suppliers the opportunity to advertise their products to site owners. The magazine also frequently reports on other countries’ glamping industries, offering an international perspective and the possibility of global expansion to those ambition enough to seek it. I can’t quite believe I’m about to write this about a magazine on glamping, but it’s become something that I genuinely look forward to reading each month. #2: Glampitect Glampitect offers a brilliant service that’s aimed mostly at those considering setting up their own glamping site. In our view, they’re the experts in the industry and anyone who’s had even the briefest thought about running a glamping site should visit their website and give them a call. They regularly post insights on their blog, and two posts that we believe offer particularly good value are Can You Market Your Pods Before They’re Ready For Visitors? and Starting a Glamping Business: 11 Things You’re Forgetting to Do. #3: Inspired Camping Similar to Glampitect, Inspired Camping provides excellent insight on the industry, with a general focus on helping those who wish to set up their own glamping sites. They also produce something that, as far as we’re aware, is an industry first: a glamping podcast.

It’s important to explore a wide array of resources if you want to really get a grip on the field, and Inspired Camping should definitely be one to put on your favourites bar. #4: The Guardian - Glamping Section Whether you’re a ‘liberal snowflake’ who can’t sleep without a copy of it in your arms, or a ‘right-wing gammon’ who used it in lieu of toilet roll during the lockdown shortages, it’s time to put your political persuasions aside and realise that The Guardian is a good source of news for the glamping industry. It won’t offer groundbreaking business advice, but it will give you an idea of the current state of play and where the industry might be heading, as it did with this article. #5: The Glamping Show This is less of a resource and more of an event. The Glamping Show runs every year and is an opportunity for all those involved in the industry to meet potential customers and suppliers. Seminars are run across the week by industry experts, guaranteeing that you’ll leave the show full of ideas about growing your business. Due to the challenges present by Covid-19, this year’s Glamping Show was accompanied by a Virtual Glamping Show, involving similar seminars presented online. This was extremely useful for all those who couldn’t attend, as I can attest to. Instead of missing out on all the nuggets of insight from the experts, I was able to watch and make notes from my laptop in my university flat, while nursing a slightly sore head from the night before. Do you manufacture glamping pods, shepherd huts or any other form of glamping accommodation? Are you interested in speeding up your production process, lowering your costs and improving the quality and consistency of your pods with CNC-cut timber frames? Click here to find out how we can make your life easier.

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