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The Best Videos and Articles for Each Type of Glamping Business

There are many different types of people in the glamping industry. From the owner of a small patch of land considering investing in an additional source of income, to the huge glamping pod manufacturers generating millions of pounds in annual revenue, the variety is huge. Arguably the best thing about the industry is the enthusiasm the people within it hold for glamping, which means there’s no shortage of resources available for everyone. In this blog post, we’re setting out the single best blog posts and Youtube videos we’ve found for the four main types of people in the field.

For Prospective Site Owners: How to Set Up a Glamping Business - Quality Unearthed (Youtube video)

The place to go to if you’re considering setting up a glamping site is Glampitect, but the remit of this blog post is to find the single best article or video for each category. That title belongs to the video below, which is a great-all rounder by the MD of Quality Unearthed, Tim Rees. It’s an excellent primer on all the things you’ll have to take into consideration before investing your money.

For Established Site Owners: What Happens When Glamping Hits Saturation? - Glampitect (Facebook video)

This Facebook video from Glampitect is a little gem for site owners.

Though the glamping industry continues to go from strength to strength, it will, in time, reach a point of saturation. This is where the market becomes overcrowded and sites have to differentiate themselves from the competition to attract customers, as opposed to merely benefiting from the existing disparity between supply and demand. After watching the video, you’ll be fully aware of the importance of having USPs on your site.

For Anyone Looking to Build Their Own Glamping Pods for the First Time: Building a Glamping Pod - The Monners (Youtube video series)

The process of building a glamping pod from scratch is lengthy and difficult, but a Youtube channel has documented it in a 16-video series. If you’ve been considering trying your hand at building a pod, this will give you an idea of what’s involved.

The only problem we could find was that they used a standard pre-made frame kit, as opposed to Made Of Bit’s high-quality, custom-built CNC frames!

For Established Glamping Pod Manufacturers: The Most Important Blog You’ll Read as a Glamping Pod Manufacturer - Made Of Bits (blog) (sorry)

Yes, we know we’re cheating by recommending our own blog post, available here, on the importance of outsourcing your frame production. But the incredible response we’ve received from pod manufacturers since it was posted last week has only reinforced our belief in its ability to save you loads of money, speed up your rate of production and simply take a weight off your shoulders. Take a look if you’re interested in how we can help you. Do you manufacture glamping pods, shepherd huts or any other form of glamping accommodation? Are you interested in speeding up your production process and lowering your costs with CNC-cut timber frames? Click here to find out how we can make your life easier.

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